Travel Medicine & Vaccinations

Whether you are a seasoned jet setter or visiting family overseas, the team at Collins Street and Grosvenor Street General Practice will ensure you are set to travel.

We understand the lure of adventure travel. The excitement, the challenge and the novelty involved in tackling an adventurous holiday makes for a wonderful experience. But with that experience may also come some health risks; we are able to assist you to avoid or minimize any associated health risks that could arise whilst travelling.

Seeming as not one destination is the same, treatment and prevention before during and after travel may vary depending on the destination. Our doctors will tailor medical care to you and your planned destination.

Travelling to Africa, Central or South America? You may need to get the Yellow Fever Vaccination…

Doctors approved to administer the Yellow Fever Vaccine include:

Dr Rob White
Dr Jenny Connor
Dr Jan Gartlan
Dr Anne De Bruyn

We provide you with individual medical advice on international health risks on a country by country basis.
We can offer advice or assessment of any existing medical issues, and provide fitness to travel certificates.
Our practices have a full range of vaccinations on site. Grosvenor Street and Collins Street General Practices are World Health Organisation (WHO) certified Yellow Fever clinics.
We provide a personal assessment of malaria risk and advice on strategies to prevent insect-borne disease.
We provide all our travellers with written material covering health concerns.

Our Practice will contact you for any follow up vaccinations if required
We encourage attendance for review if illness occurs during or after travel and can arrange a referral to a specialist if necessary.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

For any enquiries, please contact us:

(03) 6224 1944