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Information for Patients
What is an electronic prescription?
An electronic prescription is an alternative to a paper prescription.
If you choose an electronic prescription, your general practitioner (GP) will send a ‘token’ to your
mobile phone via SMS or to your email.
You show your token to be scanned at your pharmacy.
The pharmacy can then access your electronic prescription and dispense your medicine.
How will I receive my token?
Your GP can send you the token via SMS or email.
You can also ask your GP to print out your token for you.
During your consultation, let your GP know you would prefer an electronic prescription and confirm how you would like the token sent to you.
Make sure your email address and phone number are up to date at your general practice so your token goes to the right place.
Mobile apps will be available later in 2020 for you to manage your tokens more easily, including options to send your tokens directly to your pharmacy.
You will receive one token for each medicine you’re prescribed.
Can my electronic prescriptions have repeats?
Yes. If your GP has prescribed any repeats for your prescription, you’ll receive a new token from the pharmacy
when the medicine is dispensed.  Use that new token to get your repeat.
Can I still get a paper prescription?
Paper prescriptions will continue to be an option if that’s your preference.
However, you can’t have both a paper prescription and an electronic prescription for the same medicine.
The prescription will stay in the same form for its life
(eg repeats for a paper prescriptions cannot be converted to tokens).
Can I take my token to any pharmacy?
You will always be able to choose which pharmacy you prefer to fill your prescription; however, not all pharmacies accept electronic prescriptions at this time.
As electronic prescriptions are rolled out across Australia,
we recommend checking if your chosen pharmacy is ready to accept electronic prescriptions.
Can I still get someone else to pick up my medicine for me?
Just like a paper prescription, you can give your token to a family member or other person to take to the pharmacy and pick up your medicines for you. You’ll need to forward the token to their mobile or email.
You can also forward your token direct to your pharmacy,
and the pharmacy may be able to home deliver your medicines.
Contact your pharmacy to see if they offer this service.
What happens if I lose my token?
If you lose your token, contact your General Practice. Your GP will need to issue you a new token.
If you lose your repeat token, contact your pharmacy to have your token reissued.
What is an Active Script List?
An Active Script List (ASL) is an alternative to the token system, and it will be available in late 2020.
An ASL is a list of all your available prescriptions, including repeats.
Having an ASL means you don’t need to manage tokens because the pharmacy can access your prescriptions
through your ASL (with your permission).
You can manage your ASL using an app.
You will need to give your GP or pharmacy permission to access your ASL.
Can any healthcare provider see my Active Script List?
A healthcare provider (such as your GP or pharmacist) can only see your ASL after you have given your consent.
If you grant access to your ASL, the healthcare provider can see all current available prescriptions.
Where can I find more information?
You can find more information about electronic prescriptions on the Australian Digital Health Agency website.
The information set out in this publication is current at the date of first publication and is intended for use as a guide of a general nature only and may or may not be relevant to particular patients or circumstances. The RACGP and its employees and agents have no liability (including for negligence) to any users of the information contained in this publication.
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